Get to Know: Tinie T


She’s opened the American Music Awards dancing with Taylor Swift, been on the Lebanese version of the TV show Little Big Shots, and has talent that is anything but “tinie”.  Tinie T, from Van Nuys, California is a gymnast-turned-hip hop dancer who brings her flexibility and double-jointedness to the stage where she raps, sings, and dances with swagger.  She’s got her own style and brings all of her uniqueness to every performance.  One of Tinie’s favorite subjects to learn is the Armenian language because her family is Armenian.  


If Tinie T is spending time with her pets, she’s playing with: her dog, Tyson


If Tinie T is snacking, she’s eating: kebab, buttered noodles, her boring burger (meat and bun only)


If Tinie T is making a playlist, she’s listening to: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears


If Tinie T  is going to Starbucks, she’s ordering: decaf mocha frappuccino with extra whipped cream


If Tinie T is watching TV, she’s tuning in to: Liv & Maddie, iCarly, Friends, Dance Moms