Get to Know: Brooklynn


A talented singer and competitive dancer, Brooklynn, from Ft. Worth, Texas, is also known for being sweet and humble.  When the music of an ice cream truck is heard, it’s Brooklynn who grabs her birthday money to treat her friends and family!  Brooklynn has been dancing since she was 4 and has taken voice for the last 2 years.  Her musical influences include: Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, and JoJo Siwa.  Even though Brooklynn is sweet, she loves playing pranks (but has a hard time not cracking up.)  You’ll always catch Brooklynn in one of her signature headbands, which she wears even while she’s sleeping!


If Brooklynn is snacking, she’s eating: Nachos with cheese and chili (make sure the cheese is hot!), her mom’s Mississippi roast


If Brooklynn is picking an outfit, she’s wearing: jeans and combat boots, headband


If Brooklynn is going to Starbucks, she’s ordering: Medicine Ball (light on the lemonade) or a caramel frappuccino with almond milk


If Brooklynn is working on her favorite subjects, she’s studying: science, math


If Brooklynn is practicing her favorite style of dance, she’s dancing: jazz