Get To Know: Penelope

A talented singer and dancer, Penelope, from Detroit, MI, is also known for being kind and caring.  If you see Penelope at an amusement park, she’s on one of the scariest rides! With her curly hair, she is known for wearing bows so much that her nickname is Little Bow P.  She loves playing Roblox with her friends. On a sunny day, you will find Penelope riding her bike.  She loves bunnies, especially when they are purple!  



If Penelope is snacking, she’s eating: Pizza with pineapple seaweed and candy.


If Penelope is picking an outfit, she’s wearing: pink with sparkles.


If Penelope is going to Starbucks, she’s ordering: Cotton candy Frappuccino.


If Penelope is working on her favorite subjects, she’s studying: language arts and math.


If Penelope is practicing her favorite style of dance, she’s dancing: hip hop