Get To Know: Kinley


There’s a reason she’s called Kinley Full Out — you get it when you see her dance–but she also lives her life the same way – full out!  Her favorite color? Rainbow.  Favorite food? Sugar.  Favorite place to wear hair scrunchies?  Her ankles. Kinley’s excitement for everything sugar-filled and rainbow-colored doesn’t mean she’s only interested in things that are sweet, though – she also LOVES scary movies.   Kinley has the awards to prove her dance prowess and she takes her talent seriously, learning piano and acting – she even has her own ‘full out’ dance space in her house – but one look at her instagram feed and you’ll know she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  


If Kinley is snacking, she’s eating: candy, popcorn


If Kinley is making a playlist, she’s listening to: Meghan Trainor, Dua Lipa, JoJo Siwa, Lady Gaga, The Spice Girls


If Kinley is shopping, she’s buying: hair accessories, Mini Brands


If Kinley is going to Starbucks, she’s ordering: vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry puree ( extra puree) and a cupcake cake pop


If Kinley is watching TV and movies, she’s tuning in to: Stranger Things, Escape Room, Harry Potter


If Kinley is choosing a good book, she’s reading: books her younger brother makes, The Baby-Sitter’s Club


If Kinley is outside playing, she’s: on a hoverboard, rollerblading, swimming